Body awakening work

...reawaken your body and make your Soul fly...

Emotions, feelings and fears often get stored in our body,

build hindrances and blockages, we start to get stuck.

We don´t dare to move in our own originality and spontanity,

in which we expressed during our childhood.

We feel trapped and lack freedom of movement.

Stagnation starts to manifest in our body, and can have impact on our thinking patterns.

We notice ongoing tensions, often all kind of pains follow.

Suffering starts.

Find back to your original expressions and life starts to dance your being.

How to...?

Focused mental approach and creation of a new body consciousness

Conscious breathing and professional guidance into heightened states of body awareness

light and simple movement exercises, possible to practice for anyone

soft touches

light massage at the affected areas

in combination with a joyfull musical background...

...will slowly start to unlock your whole system

and build a bridge into observing that part of you,

which you really are and would like to be.

your movement finds back to naturality again

...you start "dancing" your life...



Strengthens, shapes,reduces weight and gives enormous joy !

New in my repertoire as authorized instructor.

You can book me for a dance event.