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About myself....

Throughout my whole childhood and youth I experienced myself through artistic expression: painting, drawing, playing music and a long term education in classical ballett and modern dance.

These were the elements nourishing my soul through high school education and the studies of Hindi and Graphical Arts.


My original intentions to become a children´s book illustrator were drowning in the active life of a mother of her first 2 children ( later i got 2 more), in the surmount of daily household tasks and the usual challenges of family life.

One long year the question: "where is my way ?"... was present in my daily meditations.

The answer then was revealed to me in one of these deep journeys into the inside.

When I, in 1993, for the first time took part in a Jin Shin Jyutsu introduction seminar in Germany, I immediately recognized that I had "come home".

Had dance, touch, artistic expression and music always been familiar companions on my way, I now refound them, unexpectedly presenting themselves in new ways,"old friends" in a new outlook: ....." something " was dancing  inside, movements of flowing energies becoming visible like drawn pictures, music arising as an inner hamony and visions, when listening and observing.

Creative Art of the Cosm within the core of our being....


Jin Jin Jyutsu: " The Art of the Creator through conscious and compassionate man ",

so the meaning of these three words, which seem so unfamiliar to us, had touched me in deepest ways and since then never left...

Since these meaningfull moments, I am deeply involved in the study and application, the teaching and mediating this several thousand years old method of harmonizing, rediscovered in the beginning of last century.

In ancient times in Eastern traditions, being precious treasure in family communities, passed on by mouthly traditions, lost on the way.

For myself and the support of those precious ones surrounding me: family, friends, clients and animal companions, it has become undispensable tool, practice and art.

Another life fundament lies in practising heartfulness meditation, an old treasure reappearing  out of ancient traditions in a similar way. Rediscovered, simplyfied and adapted to modern life style, it contains the immeasurable gift, to be able to reshape and rejuvenate oneself through a cleaning process.

You learn to focus on the core and center of the heart and receive PRANA, pure life energy essence, which arises from there, the fountain of all being: the life source/ Livskilden


Supplying my therapeutic work in course of the years, by studying different kinds of massage therapies, living in the Scandinavian area and observing, how much cold and darkness can influence human being, the muscular system and emotions, my great favourite is the Ayurvedic application, which i combine with Fysiurgic Massage Techniques and long resting touches like in Jin Jin Jyutsu. I have developped my own way of healing massage, individually adapted, deeply transforming.


My Approach




... lies in " touching "....


                                 ..... and this does not only rely to the work with the hands...

​Is our utmost wish not always " to be touched " ?


...may it be by words, a good movie, a beautifull piece of music, our work, a good theatre play, the unfolding beauty of nature, or the presence of a beloved friend ?

The deepest impressions indeed always stay, when our heart had been touched.

That happens when we really surrender into the presence of the related person or situation, which for me always is attempt and approach in my work.

"In BEING, being can unfold ", when we are fully present, in this faithfull meeting, healing and harmonizing can all happen by itself.

​As I have a big heart for all ages and expressions of life forms, human beings, as well as nature and animals, my range has a wide variety.

As a mother of 4 and, besides all studies, as well educated in the profession of old age care, I had the possibility to gain experiences in many facets of life.

Very visible are the children and seniors, who fade like wilting flowers, if not touched.

We know cases of children, who decide to leave life, because of lack of human care and closeness.

Whoever has been active in old age care, knows how much elderly people,very often longingly yearn for a present touch.

In the times of media technology we have to relearn the approach towards each other and reopen our senses for the richness of the NOW..

lotus essence
alte hand

My Range

Jin Shin Jyutsu

" The Art of the Creator through awakened and compassionate human being".


...creative Art of the Cosm...

JSJ, how it´s written in simplified version, once was precious treasure of several thousand years of knowledge. Passed on from generation to generation by mouthly tradition, it slowly was lost.

Rediscovered in the beginning of last century by the wise Jiro Murai, it´s teaching makes spreading steps throughout the world. Nowadays it is possible to enrole in seminars and courses worldwide.

JSJ is a gentle harmonizing method,applied by soft touches on clothed condition and does not contain massage or manipulation of muscles.

In different regions of the body there are situated energetic centres, 52 in all, who direct and regulate the flow of energy, which builds and nourishes us.

Thought patterns, eating habits,life stresses or inherited information can cause interruption of the free flow of this inherent life energy force.



By the contact of touch and the practitioners conscious attention on breath, pulsation and the higher life source, these blockages can dissolve and body, mind and spirit become reorganized back into their higher order.

The immunssystem is strenghtened and our own self healing capacities heightened and activated.

This can happen in few minutes, or require the necessity of several applications in a row.

The usual duration of one session lasts one hour.


The work of the therapist can be supported  by daily self-help exercises practised by the receiver.


To allow oneself this own "time out" is like a holiday excursion into the inside.

 As well as it can give us the insight and clearer understanding where our needs for change lie.

Very often in this process hints and signals of our innermost being are sent to the surface and we become able to recognize and interpret them.

Even few minutes of daily application can change your life.




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I work on the basic principle of Ayurvedic Massage, with it´s long soft strokes and the use of warm fragrant oils.


These penetrate deeply into the cell structure and deep skin, have a cleansing and activating effect, discharge toxins and tighten, nourish and regenerate all skin and tissue levels, circulatory processes and muscle structure.


This kind of massage, which has it´s origin in ancient Indian culture and traditions, is different from the well known western ways of massage treatments, by it´s gentle long strokes, which reconnect the different parts of the body with each other into wholeness and give an overall feeling of ease and relieve.


Focus point here is not the manipulation of muscle structure, but in tuning in to each and every one´s indidvidual needs, either activating or calming the type of constitution of the receiver.

At the same time both halves of the brain are coordinated and combined with each other, energetic blocks removed, flow of energy reestablished and a condition of oneness born.

It is always important for me to  tune into the individual needs of the receiver.

Feeling safe and being present are in the first range.

Being fully in the

" NOW ".


Falling down into a space of unpresent moment or interruption of energy flow, can be very uncomfortable or even cause subtle fears and tensions arise.

My massages use the creative range of Ayurvedic as well as Fysiurgic massage, which I am educated in as well, in combination with resting calming touches of JSJ.


Warm fragrant oils and gentle music contribute to make it a special celebration for senses and body.

 You are allowed to be fully your Self and come in contact with your original essence of being.

An overall relaxing,harmonizing and stressfree zone is created.

This form of

" New Life Massage",

born of the feedback of my clients to feel like "newborn",

I offer for all kinds of ages, individually adapted.

Also partial massage:



are very much liked.

Especially for elderly people

the massaging of hand and feet results in a much higher aliveness, eases pain and reconnects with the inner sources of Joy.


....lightful meditation of the heart....


....originally based on the ancient indian traditions of Patanjali´s Raja Yoga, the royal path, which brings mind, heart and soul into harmony.



Old ancient delivered tradition and wisdom, which shows us in a simple way, how we can dive and reconnect with our inner sources, springing forth in the innermost core of the heart, to find guidance, calmth and an overall experienced balance.


Spiritual ancient teaching, simplified, adjusted and moderated to modern life style, made available to human being of busy life, easily to integrate.


Tensions, stresses and an overburdening of sensual input, more and more call to turn inwards, to the place where silence and light reside, pointing to the center of the heart, where unity and stillness can be experienced.

I myself was blessed to find this path at the early age of 21, when I, out of great inner despair and longing, was searching for a way to connect with the depths of life.

I never left it since then and practice daily.

Already 30 min. in the morning and a simple cleaning exercise in the evening can change your life deeply.

Heartfulness meditation nowadays spreads rapidly, supported by modern technology.

It´s difference from other meditative approaches lies in the fact that it is possible to transfer and receive


pure life energy essence,

at the center of the heart.  


   By that we have effectively and quickly the possibility to connect with unknown depths within us and we are carried and can dive deeply into relaxing , calming meditative states.

At the same time our immune system is strengthened , our concentration abilities and sleep qualities improved and we find back into inner calmth and balance.

This aspect and the possibility of cleaning of old impressions weighing down on us, can lead our life to totally new shores.

I myself experienced  profound changes after only 2 months of practice starting.

An up to that unknown JOY of life spread all over and the heavenly song of the heart was awakened.

During further intensive transformation periods in my life, heartfulness meditation always was and is basic fundament and continously builds the essence of stability for me, which no material riches can replace.

True heartdelights are ready to be experienced. TRY !

Since many years I am authorized as a "prefect",

( teacher, conduct ), to introduce seekers to this path,  make them familiar with it and offer group and individual sessions.

My services concerning this are free of charge, like all of the worldwide heartfulness program.



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JSJ for animals



the silent companions at our side...

...who suffer so much, unseen and unheard, are nourished and built bý the same life energy and energetic centers, like human being.

We can discover the same energy locks in their physical structure, like in human body, partially relocated and are able to unlock them in the same way by light touching.

Animals themselves often regenerate among each other and among their companions intuitively in that way:

Cats place themselves on certain areas of the body, dogs are looking for contact or lick the skin, horses look for physical closenes as just some examples...

Observing physical structure, constitution and composition, they tell us about energetic lack or present harmony. Here as well JSJ can provide as an essential harmonizing method.

I have experienced huge Jytland horses, softly melting down into their knees, nearly falling, during a 30 min. harmonizing session with JSJ.

( Be carefull, they don´t fall on to your feet !)

.... and a small goat, given up by the veterinary, because her front leg was cut into parts of two, by an accident, who had such wisdom to surrender to a 1,5 hours session with JSJ , to be able to joyfully jump away to her calling mother afterwards, all open wound closed !

Very often the reactions of animals can be observed on an intensely changed emotional level:

great confidence, purring, less anxiety and fears, expressions of joy and playfullness as to mention some of them.

The study of the art of JSJ gives us the possibility to bond in a new way and improves the level of trust and communication.

Digestive imbalances, pain in bone-

or skelettal structure and movement,restlessness, aggressice behaviour, fears can all find ease.

A workshop for your animal companion is a very precious self-experience for you as an owner at the same time: we learn and exercise the specific locations of energetic centres and flow sequences on ourselves and practice, to afterwards apply them on our friends.

Precious and profound self-experiences can be made.

And it nourishes all involved with a time of ease, precious rest, intercommunication and connection.

The silent language of the Soul, which connects us all and with


Theta Healing

Believe systems shape our world,

we can change them


Theta wave is the frequency used in Hypnotherapy.

We are absorbed in this frequency in deep relaxation.

A guided meditation makes it possible to connect with this sphere, from where underlying conciousness and believe systems, blocking our propper development, can be changed.

As thought is the first step to creation, visible manifestation will follow.

Our emotional experience is changed.

Healing processes can be experienced.

Most problems we have, arise out of the illusion, that we are separate from Source.

In reconnecting, Source energy can do its work in the propper way, pouring our being.

Healing is not done by a healer. The healer is only channel and medium to let Source work through.


Humbleness and thankfulness are the best means for success.

Theta Healing can give you a profound change in how you experience yourself as a human being. You come into flow, feel relieve from heavy pasts weighing you down.

Lightness  and joy take over.

Wishes and dreams can manifest.

Healthy conditions can be restored.

A focused march towards a future you wished for, sets in.

You can consciously design your own destiny.

End of Life Doula


...we can build bridges,

     bridges into light...

It´s great loss, that in our society often incurable diseases, end of life and dying processes are secluded and neglected.

Giving a lot of attention to the beginning of life and the arrival of a new born,very often we are overwhelmed by the end time days of our existence.

Death pushed away as long as possible, relatives emotionally overburdened and under time pressure, the person itself often left helpless and alone.

Medicine treats symptoms, but often disregard heart and soul,

hospitals often not having the possibility to create a honouring and respectfull atmosphere for the dying to fullfill last wishes, or to grant the dying person the attentive presence of a personally related loving caretaker.

Here the role of the " DOULA" comes into picture: she/ he is a bridger, a mediator, supporter in a period of life, which requires a lot of energy, care and love of all involved.

The DOULA offers creative support in:

- life review and finding meaningfulness,

- find formulations for wishes for the last period and

- help making them come true,

- being emotional and physical support for the person of concern and their relatives,

- encourage open and unadressed communication about unresolved and  eventually neglected issues

- support and nourish the process of leaving the physical existence

- and  help resolve the pain of separation and loss  in the days after...

This and much more can be the tasks of an " End of Life Doula", or " Soul Midwife",

who helps and supports to transform the process of birth into the world of Light, becoming worthy and graceful steps, which honour fully that, what has been,

to lift it into that what allways IS...

the world of love and light...

The traditional rituals of our ancestors and tribes are mostly lost.

To support and carry those, who have pathed the way into life for us, gives us peace and sets us at ease with our own mortality. We can better and gratefully accept the short duration of our stay here on Mother Earth.


By this we face and deal with the fear of the great mystery of what we call " DEATH" and regain all JOY and POWERS for the NOW and our life !

The cycle of beginning and end is becoming a whole circle again.

Several times in my life I was granted the GRACE to support leaving souls by accompaning them and softly giving ease with the art of JSJ...

....and my hands where building bridges, bridges into light....

and I saw, that there is no end....

only endless


My whole range of services can be individually tailored to your own needs.

Please send an e-mail:

or contact me via mobile:0045-81947762

as well as at facebook/messenger: Lydia Sequoia/ Livskilden



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